A patch and binary for adding Windows 7 JumpLists to PuTTY  

PuTTY + JumpLists Binary [exe] Patch [txt]

I added Windows JumpLists to PuTTY so that the user can add sessions to the JumpList and be able to quickly access them without navigating the configuration screen.

Turns out, I didn't include a necessary file in the patch. I recently deleted the directories without knowing the patch was insufficient so the patch itself doesn't work. You can still use the binary, though; I've been using it for the past year without any problems.

In addition to the binary, I realized that the Windows 7 code may cause odd functionality on a non-Windows 7 machine, so I created a batch file that (when on the PATH) runs the correct PuTTY when Start->Run "ssh" is pressed.

Batch script to run version-dependent binary [txt]

To use, rename to ssh.bat and put it into a folder on the system PATH

Added Functionality:

  • Each session can add itself to the JumpList for PuTTY
  • Upon startup, JumpList is created
  • If user pins PuTTY to the Start Menu, JumpList remains

There is a blog post where you can submit bugs and comment. I hope this helps!

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