Lifedrive Linux Port

Daily logs of #hackndev have been discontinued as the homemade bot is giving me the cold shoulder.

Working builds of Linux for Palm Lifedrive (No guarantees.):


Linux Config

Linux Kernel(Update: Looks like I lost some files, sorry!)

Right-click and save the above to your LifeDrive's hard drive. All files must go into the root directory. Small note: These are built on November 19th, 2006. So they are getting out of date and rightly so. If you want a newer one, HacknDev will likely have one.

(Re)Installing Palm OS

(Re)Install Palm OS to your microdrive/CF card

If you ever ruin your Lifedrive's microdrive or want to replace it with a new drive or CF card, use this script. It does everything, from download the file to write to the drive. All it requires is root and physical access to a Linux box.

If you want to modify your ROM, I built another system that allows you to delete anything you want. Not everything is "mapped" so if you add to the file appMap, please send me a copy. Run this to use my modrom system:

git clone
cd modrom

My building scripts

They make life easier when you're trying to get something to build. Not recommended to run the same script right after itself. Do something in between the builds/attempts to build.


Builds Qtopia Core and Qt-X11 if you downloaded the latest as of 11/15. May require updating if they come out with >4.2.1


Cleans configuration of Qt-Core and Qt-X11. To build both from scratch, run "./ && ./" from the directory below both un-tarballed directories.


Automatically configures the other HnDE files.


Builds HnDE based on the .conf file. Basically runs cmake with all the options necessary.

HnDE: buildHnDE.conf

Just holds the qtopia-core directory for now.

Familiar: makeOpie

Makes Opie with bitbake. If it passes, it copies the images to a daily-build folder (images-DAY-MONTH).

Building Familiar upgrades:

Uicmoc-Native: qvaluestack.h patch

Small error that gunks things up in uicmoc-native. Apply this and you're ready to go!

Qemu-Native: syscall.c patch

For any preprocessor problems you may have with syscall.c

Qemu-Native: helper2.c patch

For any preprocessor problems you may have with helper2.c

Gets rid of kernel abiversion errors

DASH (Directional Pad Shell)

DASH allows one to type where only 5 keys are present (though has support for 11 keys).

Originally built for the Palm LifeDrive, but if you would like it to work with others, contact me to request it or send me the updated source at: fahhem[a t]fahhem[d ot]com.

Put these files in the busybox/shell folder and add CONFIG_ASH_PALM to the .config file.

Latest patch

Patch that can be applied to busybox 1.2.1 and 1.2.2 to add dash.

This will never be integrated into ash because ash will be needed for regular input, while dash will only take input from the d-pad.

If there is demand, an update can be made to remove dash's capability to take regular input in different compilations. Also, some incompatibility errors may come up between ash and dash (mainly from use of the same code twice in most of dash from ash). Another update for that is also pending interest

Contact Me

Find me on Twitter as @fahhem.