This site is a holder for all of Fahrzin Hemmati's ideas and side-projects. There are always some good ideas coming around the corner. Keep checking back (bookmark me!) for updates.


webOS Services

I've been working on lots of webOS-related things, and they're now available online! Need components for an app, or want to learn how to write node.js services? Here's your answer!


PuTTY JumpList patch

I added Windows 7 JumpLists to PuTTY


Fahhem's Blog

Yup, I got a blog. Hopefully, it becomes a place for seeking knowledge and truth, along with the results.


Pidgin/Finch/libpurple Plugins

I created a plugin to add the Invisible status to Google Talk account under Pidgin/Finch/libpurple. I may possibly create more plugins or update the current ones if demand is there.


Lifedrive Linux port

My work with the Lifedrive Linux porting work at HacknDev. I've created a d-pad shell (dash), fixed up some of the Familiar build tree, and created an easy way to roll your own ROM. I'm now working on dalBoot, a very small bootloader that runs at startup and allows you to choose between Linux and PalmOS. I've since discontinued work, but if anyone is still interested, I've got a read-only FAT32 filesystem ready and waiting for someone to take over and write the user interface.


Botball 07

I was the team leader of a group of high school students participating in a robot building and programming competition. Click the link to see our status!


Facebook Degrees of Separation

An experiment to find the degrees of separation between Facebook users.

If you're a Facebook user, add yourself to the list and help me find the real degrees of separation at Facebook.


Tech Support

Not really offered anymore. I have plenty of things to occupy my time at the moment. See above.


My Palm Zire 72, The Story

The first link is the shortened version of The Story for those who want just a quick update. Last Update: October 2005


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